SQF Ed.9 Advanced Practitioner (FBA2006)

  • 1 Dec 2021
  • 2 Dec 2021


SQF Ed.9 Advanced Practitioner

Course Objectives: This course is designed to provide the SQF Practitioner with recommendations and guidance on maintenance and continuous improvement of the SQF system.  This course will focus post-implementation activities; how to maintain the food safety management system, management of corrective actions, and verification of pre-requisites and prepare for re-certification audits.

The SQF Advanced Practitioner course is a two-day course designed for the current SQF Practitioner who is seeking further education on how to improve and maintain their company’s SQF system. The course provides the tools needed to improve and advance the food safety system in the facility and manage the ongoing maintenance of the SQF Program.

Key Session Topics:

  • Establishing food safety and quality objectives
  • Implementing the corrective and preventive action process to address objectives
  • Using the internal audit process to verify corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement of the SQF System
  • Preparation for the recertification audit
  • Using the internal audit program to manage, maintain and enhance the SQF System
  • Utilizing the corrective action/preventive action process as a tool to identify trends and build continuous improvement
  • Improving the demonstration of management's commitment and developing and prioritizing key performance indicators.


·         Implementing SQF Systems course

·         HACCP course

To ensure an optimal learning experience and fully benefit from this course, it is recommended that participants meet the following prerequisites prior to attending:

  • Must have been through at least one successful (C-complies rating or higher) SQF Certification/Recertification process as the designated SQF Systems examination
  • Successfully completed a HACCP training class that includes a final assessment
  • Successfully completed the Implementing SQF Systems examination

Who Should Attend?

  • SQF Practitioners
  • Back-up SQF Practitioners
  • SQF Internal Auditor

Prerequisites: Food Industry experience

Certificate: Candidates who successfully complete this training program and achieve score of 75% or higher on the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion.

**  PLEASE NOTE:  Cancelations will only be accepted up to 10 days prior to training date for a refund. Refunds will not be issued within 10 days of a training, however registration is transferable to another member of your team if desired.

**  This training will be delivered in English only.




Goranka Platisa is an experienced industry consultant and is highly regarded by all clients and government authorities in Canada and the USA.  She is experienced in providing training, as well as working with Food Safety team members to design and implement effective Food Safety and Quality Management programs that meet the requirements of the GFSI standards. 

In addition, she is a certified manager and trainer for HACCP courses, and is also familiar with all new compliance requirements regarding new Canadian & US legislation, and the gaps between GFSI and FSMA for those products being imported into the US.

Food & Beverage Atlantic

36 Albert Street, Moncton, NB, E1C 1A9

(506) 857-4255


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