September Webinar Series: Selling more in a new environment

  • 2 Sep 2020
  • 2:00 PM
  • 30 Sep 2020
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Recipe for Success

September Series
Selling more in a new environment 

Success in the food industry can be determined by how fast and effectively a producer or processor responds to a change in the environment. We know since the COVID-19 outbreak there have been a number of changes. We will explore the changes and how suppliers need to react and work with customers to maximize success in a marketplace that is very different than it was at the beginning of 2020.

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September 2 

In store demos were a tactic employed by many food businesses. The satisfaction of talking to consumers about products and getting them to commit to a purchase was very popular. Most retailers have eliminated these from stores so we need to find alternatives. We will suggest some alternatives that might be more effective once you get used to working differently.

September 9

Online shopping has increased dramatically since March. It has had a big impact on retailer’s operations but it also impacts producers and processors. Consumers shop differently when they order online. All of the investments made in store are worthless for the 10-15% of consumers who are now shopping online. We will discuss how you can communicate with them in advance and get on their list. The execution is different with each retailer and it will continue to evolve. Your strategy needs to be unique with each customer as well.

September 16

In stock position is more important than ever as retailers are focused on keeping their stores well stocked and selling as much as possible to consumers who do go in. Suppliers are expected to have the inventory required. We will talk about how retailers look at service level and how you should be tracking it in your business. Once you know how you are doing it is a great opportunity to communicate this to your customers. It can be a great point of differentiation in today’s market.

September 23

The retail environment has changed and this impacts retailers and suppliers. Consumers are shopping the store differently. They want to get in and get out, more people are shopping with a list and they are buying more when they are in the store. Your strategy needs to evolve to this new environment and some of the tactics you might have used in the past will be less effective. We will find the right solutions to get your products off the shelf and into the shopping cart.

September 30

Developing relationships with existing and potential customers have moved to online meetings and trade shows. Your objectives are still the same, but the tactics you need to employ have changed. There are advantages to the new world we are all operating in and we will help you find them. Virtual meetings can be very effective and now you have the opportunity to attend trade shows anywhere in the world, while sitting at your desk. With proper preparation these platforms can have a very positive impact on your business.

Presenter Peter Chapman of SKUFood

Peter understands the food industry and he works hard to figure out where it is going. Peter’s experience includes both sides of the desk. Prior to working with suppliers and launching SKUFood, Peter worked for 19 years with Canada's largest food retailer, Loblaw. Peter is the author of A la cart; a supplier’s guide to retailers’ priorities and has provided food industry insights to Canadian Grocer, The Globe & Mail, Maclean's magazine, and Canada AM.

Our special guest will be Carolyn Crewe, CEO and Co-Founder of Duckish Natural Skin Care, an all-natural bath, body and baby care brand based in Halifax, NS, Carolyn has learned a lot about navigating both the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar business landscape in the past few years. Duckish has grown from a part-time business to a thriving e-commerce brand with national distribution and products on the shelves of over 125 stores, including Whole Foods Ontario, in the last 4 years.

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