Members and Governance

The Atlantic Food & Beverage Processors Association is based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The AFBPA has a volunteer fiduciary Board of Directors, chaired by a volunteer President, which provides direction and oversees the health of the organization.  The association also enjoys the active participation of food and beverage industry-based Board members on committees that are set up to develop the events hosted by the association.  The AFBPA employs a professional management team composed of an Executive Director and administration support team.

Our Membership represents a broad cross section of products and industry supporters from all areas in our Atlantic region including:

  • Food and seafood processors 
  • Beverage processors 
  • Industry suppliers 
  • Various agencies and educational institutions. 

Greg Fash
Executive Director AFBPA

Board of Directors

Lee Turner, Corporate Sales Manager,

Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL)

Board President



Germain Landry      Darrell Monroe           Jessica Adair              Jeff Williams                Peter Chapman           Jim Ladrigan

Germain Landry      Balance Creative        G E Barbour              Comeau's                     GPS                               BioFoodTech

Consulting                                                                                         Seafood                        Business Solutions



Scott Miller                   Shelly Manning                     Devon Nutbeam           Tammy Wall                             Emily Haynes

Captain Dan's              Agriculture & AgriFoods      Opprotunities                Canada's Smartest                 Taste of Nova Scotia

Seafood                        Canada                                   New Brunswick             Kitchen 


Sara Robinson

Host Event and Association



Lee Turner, ADL Dairies

Board President

Atlantic Food & Beverage Processors Association

36 Albert Street, Moncton, NB, E1C 1A9

(506) 857-4255

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